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Thousands of walruses on the Russian coast

A huge number of Arctic walruses have been spotted on the coast of the Kara Sea. It is their natural habitat, but its area is getting smaller due to shrinking ice cover and human activities. According to scientists, this may be a sign that the population that has been exterminated for centuries is recovering.

In recent decades, Arctic walruses have not been observed in so many ways on the Yamal Peninsula. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has designated this species as “endangered”, estimating the total number of adult Arctic walruses at 12,500 individuals. In previous centuries, their population was exposed to attacks caused by the desire to obtain their fat and bone. Commercial walrus hunting was banned worldwide in the mid-20th century.

Scientists hope that the appearance of such a large group of walruses on the coast is a positive sign. There is not enough information yet to fully confirm this. Experts still keep in mind that walrus habitats may shrink with shrinking ice sheets. That is why several of them put on special satellite identifiers to monitor their movements for the coming months.