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Black Tinka is looking for Virtual Guardians, just fill out the VIRTUAL ADOPTION form.

On behalf of Tinka, we invite you to take care of her remotely. Virtual Adoption is help in maintaining and treating a horse under Your care. Tinka needs PLN600 (USD 154) a month.

Someone already adopted Tinka partially but she still needs PLN550 (USD 141) monthly.

13/04/2021 Update

You are awesome! There is no limit to the good that You show to ungulates in need.

Tinka and Duszka are safe because, as Niemen – famous polish singer said, there are more people of good will than those filled with evil. They are waiting for a veterinary diagnosis and a blacksmith, and after quarantine they will join one of the paddocks with ponies that, in the past, had been similarly neglected.

We thank You wholeheartedly for any further help that will be used for their treatment and daily maintenance.

Tinka story

Dear Sir or Madam, we know it was just Easter. It was time to rest, calm down, enjoy time and great conversations with the closest ones. We know that today, just like us, You are slowly returning to Your daily routines. We would very much like this day to pass in peace, but it is difficult to look away when we once again face suffering so great that we have no words to describe it.
We apologize for coming with such sad news and that once again we are begging for help for the animals.

Two defenseless mares – we named them Tinka and Duszka, so they would have at least names because they have nothing. Two living animals for whom people have prepared hell. They have been standing for several days, or mostly lying, in the butcher’s car. They lie almost all the time because their deformed, painful little hooves do not want to carry their tired bodies. Both ponies have scabies and head lice. They both stink a lot, both are completely affected by the number of parasites they inhabit. Their trader is disgusted, his helper is disgusted. They are kept in the car in the barn, nobody wants to let them in, because, as we heard, “so these creatures do not spread the plague around the stables.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we know that you did not expect that kind of news the morning after Easter. We would also prefer it to be different. However, we couldn’t turn around and walk away when the trader brought these animals out of the car. The trembling legs could barely hold them, and despite the pain, they pressed against each other with all their strength. Someone had driven them to a state of extreme neglect. They suffered together for years, now they stand together in a butcher’s car. If we do nothing today, they will set off on their last journey together in a few hours. To the slaughterhouse …