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Two new species of mammal in Australia

Australia’s biodiversity has just enriched. A genetic study published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports showed that the giant wolf from eastern Australia is not one, but three species. This was shown by DNA testing of this marsupial capable of gliding through the air up to 100 meters. These animals vary in size.

Wolatucha is a marsupial the size of an average cat and has a nocturnal lifestyle. During the day it sleeps in the hollows of trees, and at night it glides among the crowns in search of eucalyptus leaves, which it eats. It turned out that these marsupials differ in size. The further north they are, the smaller they are. Initially, scientists thought that the size of mammals depends on where they live, but DNA research has disproved this thesis and identified new species.

This is good news for Australian and international scientists. The continent’s biodiversity has benefited significantly from this discovery because the disclosure of a new species of mammal is rare.