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Tytan is a young, raw gelding with a unique color.

Tytan is just over two years old, so he is still a child of a horse. He is sociable and willing to cooperate, despite the fact that he does not know much. He is looking for a person who will have the time and skills to teach him how to cooperate with people. At the moment, the horse is learning how to pass the legs and is also getting to know the lanyard. Ultimately, it will be about 155-158 cm at the withers. Due to its origin (father of Wielkopolska, cold-blooded mother) it is perfect as a walking horse.

Bold type

Born on 04.2019

Height at the withers 146 cm (grows intensively)

Non-conflict in the herd

Raw horse (not for children)

If You wish to adopt Tytan, the first thing is to fill out ADOPTION FORM. Thank You.

If You lack space, You can always adopt him VIRTUALLY .