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US forest fires

The fire has been destroying the western part of the United States for weeks. Thick smoke stretches for thousands of kilometers. Extreme heatwaves are the cause. The air temperature in this area reached 50 ° Celsius! Environmentalists are alarming that this is another symptom of global warming.

A developing cyclones over the Eastern Pacific is causing the smoke from the fire that travels rapidly. It is harmful to the respiratory tract and causes severe air pollution. The fire is carried by a gusty wind, which causes the constant formation of new fires. Satellite data from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) showed that the fires currently taking place in California, Oregon, and Washington state are “tens to hundreds of times more intense” than the average.

It has been estimated that the fires since mid-August have produced more than 30 million tons of carbon dioxide. The fires have already burned almost two million hectares in the Western United States. The catastrophe also put the issue of global warming at the top priority in the American political discourse.