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Very unusual weather events in California

The weather surprised California residents with very unusual events. In Death Valley, the highest temperature on our planet was recorded recently. It was as high as 54.4 degrees Celsius. If this reading is confirmed, it will be the highest recorded temperature in the United States since 1913. There was also a fiery tornado. Climate change is hitting California more than any other region in the US. 

The term “firenado” sounds like the title of a catastrophe movie, but it’s a phenomenon that happens in the real world, but very rarely. It was spotted in Northern California last weekend. The first-ever warning of this type of fiery tornado was issued. It is an atmospheric phenomenon that occurs as a result of an intense fire, in which the fire heats the earth so that the temperature differs significantly from the air temperature. A cloud forms over such a fire, and in combination with the wind, the hot air creates a rotating swirl.

The heatwave on the west coast of the United States, which is triggering these extreme phenomena, does not only last for a long period of time but also is extremely intense.