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Węgielek is ready to be adopted. If You are interested, please fill out the STATIONARY or VIRTUAL adoption form.

25th of October UPDATE

Węgielek is already with us!

Thank you with all our hearts! Węgielek “the coal” announced his arrival with a loud roar, as if to let all the inhabitants of the farm know that he had just arrived! Does he already know he’s in his new, safe house? We hope so. And if not yet, he will surely know it soon. The other pets will tell him about it.
Thank you on behalf of Węgielek. It was you who gave him a new life!

Lie! Tell me dying won’t hurt. Please lie! Say that it was worth straining your legs and serving people bravely and humbly. Please lie! Say that old age is not full of humiliation and suffering at all, and that youth lasts forever. Lie! Say that the whistle of a whip will not be the last thing Węgielek will hear and feel. Lie … say that a man, after years of service, will never put him to death. Lie … tell me this is not the way.

Please say that there, on the other side, there will be endless green meadows, that the grass will surround you in the shade of sprawling trees, and your legs will not be so stiff and swollen. Lie and I’ll surrender myself to everything with my head held high and hoping what the mother of fools would call her. Please lie, my friend … I will be less afraid of this road.

Węgielek squeezes the eyelids tight. He jerks his head up, but a tight rope cuts his intentions short. The merchant quickly tugs on the rope and swings the whip over Węgielek’s rump. “I am the old uhlan, Lady, I know how to handle horses!” Old uhlan, tradition even older… everything is drowned out by donkey squeals and pounding on concrete floor with an overgrown hoof. The string halter cuts deep into the skin, deeper and deeper… because there must be a trace of the Uhlan tradition. Węgielek finally freezes, lowers his head and closes his eyes. This is the end of the fight. He was a loser anyway. Donkeys with big ears stand no chance against Uhlan traditions.