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We’re drowning in electro-waste 

A shameful record. According to the latest UN report, in the year 2019, we threw away 53.6 million tons of electronic waste. Electro-waste covers our planet almost as much as plastic. It is a tremendous threat to the environment and our health.

Hundreds of old computers, lamps, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, telephones, and dryers. Electro-waste is flooding our planet. The mercury, which electro-waste contains is the greatest threat. It can penetrate the soil and water, and then get into the air and our food. As reported by the United Nations, last year we achieved a record amount of toxic waste for humans and the environment. Despite the efforts of the recycling and reuse campaigns, this represents an increase of 21% over the last five years.

Overall, Asia produces the largest amount of waste, but it is Europe if you count it per person – 16.3 kg of waste per citizen. Unfortunately, it is said that the situation will only worsen over time. It is predicted that in 2030 alone we will have 74 million tons of electro-waste.