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We’ve lost two-thirds of the rainforest

According to a study by the Rainforest Foundation Norway, people have destroyed or degraded two-thirds of the rainforest. 34% of them were cut down and another 30% degraded, making them more susceptible to fire and destruction. According to expert analyzes, more than half of these areas are in the Amazon, where the forest is most often burned. On lands thus fertilized, soybeans are usually grown and cattle are being fed.

The key and natural buffer protecting us against climate change, such as forests, is rapidly disappearing from the face of the Earth. It’s a terrifying cycle. The rainforests that were lost between 2002 and 2019 covered a larger area than France. Forest loss is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change. As the author of the report, Anders Krogh, said: “With increasing damage, the potential for climate change increases. This makes it more difficult for forests to survive.”

Just behind the Amazon forests, the islands in Southeast Asia, mainly belonging to Indonesia, were on the infamous podium. It is the second-largest forest destroyer in the world. Most of the trees are cut there for plantations. Central Africa is in third place, where agriculture and timber production are responsible for destroying forests.