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Whales are dying out

Devastating estimates. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Service reported a decline in the critically endangered Biscay Whales. According to the latest estimates, only 366 individuals remained. A year earlier, the statistics showed 412 representatives of this species.

The Biscay Whale is a critically endangered species of marine mammal that is living in the North Atlantic. According to the specialists, the decline of these particular whales is a result of fishing, sailing, and climate changes. The Conversation Law Foundation points out that the population of the endangered species is likely to be even lower, as there have been at least 15 “deaths or serious accidents with Biscayan whales since last January.”

Without Biscay Whales, the Atlantic Ocean will lose one of the rarest of the whales. That will also result in a disrupt of the marine ecosystem, make a “gap” in the food chain.