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Wiedźmin is recommended for virtual adoption! It helps in his maintenance and veterinary care. Monthly, the basic costs of maintaining Wiedźmin reaches PLN700(USD182). He will be grateful for any constant help. Wiedźmin currently lacks PLN650(USD170) a month for full remote adoption. If You want to support Wiedźmin, please fill out the VIRTUAL ADOPTION form. Thank You.

10/05/2021 Update:

We have managed it! Wiedźmin is safe! If gratitude had physical form – we would give You presents every day. Wiedźmin fate was changed. Now it’s time for a well deserved retirement. Quarantine, the necessary inspection by the vet and a farriers visit is the next stage of helping. For any further support, on his behalf – wholeheartedly – thank You!

17/04/2021 Update

Thank you very much for your help. Thanks to you that we were able to negotiate a longer term to pay Wiedźmin off. We have to pick him up on April 30. We believe that it will be possible thanks to you. Please help us save him!

Wiedźmin story

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be seen in the way it deals with its animals,”  Mahatma Gandhi once wrote. And although almost 100 years have passed since his death, one thing has not changed – we can still be judged by the way we treat the weaker creatures. Wiedźmin got such a name despite his fate. He looks sadly into the lens with his almost unseeing eyes – and shyly begs someone to notice him. He is no longer beautiful, he is not young for a long time. His life flew by him like a whip – moments ago he was running in a meadow, and today, with his head bowed, shaking on his legs, he begs for his life.

Wiedźmin worked all his life with kids. He was a leading horse, first in recreation and then many years in hipotherapy. The children he helped went further into the world, and he stayed in his stable, once full of people and noise. He stayed until the stable collapsed. And in his old age, Wiedźmin went on a wander around Europe.

He reached the trader from distant Spain. There was a client because a horse from Spain will defend itself. After all, he’s probably good, because he is from abroad. However, Wiedźmin disappointed the buyer – his nearly blind gaze and birth certificate destroyed the chance for a house in Poland. For any home, in fact. Because he won’t go any further. The buyer quickly got rid of the “broken merchandise”, leaving him with the trader, and bought another horse for the children.

Wiedźmin eyes are still sparkling, although they cannot see much. Wiedźmin’s legs will not carry him far anymore, but they will carry him under a large tree on our farm, where he will be able to rest in the rays of the spring sun along with other horses, who brought disappointment to their owners.

Because Wiedźmin has already lost most of his life serving us, people, with his back and devotion. All we have left is to give him some peace in his old years. The days and nights, until the last breath in a place that allows him to pass away with dignity.