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World beaches are in danger

As the research results show, almost half of the world’s sandy beaches may disappear by the year 2100. Thanks to satellite images, scientists have checked how the beaches have changed over the past 30 years.

As it turns out, much of the sandy shoreline is already eroding. This situation can get even worse due to climate changes. It has been shown that trends in shoreline dynamics, together with the border recession results in sea-level rise. This process can result in the disappearing of almost all of the world’s sandy beaches until the end of the century. And while the number of beaches lost will vary depending on location, the study shows that in many areas where the human population is large, the coastlines retreating inland almost 100 meters. The raising of the sea level is also connected to building the roads, or dams that change the natural cycle of refilling sandy beaches. Many coastal areas, including beaches, are heavily affected by human activities. For example, buildings that are located close to the shoreline and inland dams reduce the amount of mad which enters the oceans and is necessary for beach regeneration. Researchers considered many future scenarios. Either global temperature will decrease by 2.4 Celsius degrees, or temperature will raise double.