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World Day of Fighting against Desertification and Drought

June 17 is a special day for the environment. It is today that we are celebrating World Day of Fighting against Desertification and Drought, announced by the UN General Assembly in January 1995. The convention took place in Paris. The purpose of the celebrations on this day is to deepen awareness on how to prevent desertification and the effects of drought and to implement the resolutions of the United Nations Convention. This draws attention to ways of preventing both phenomena.

Today in particular, we should all remember that we are all responsible for drought

and it is us who will feel its effects the most. Everyone should be aware of this, and a day like today is to remind us of it. Drought can have many consequences – for the environment, for the economy, and our health. It might be responsible for significantly increasing food prices, energy system failures, reduction of drinking water resources, or the possibility of catastrophic fires. World Anti-Desertification and Drought Day is to make us all aware that only a joint effort can significantly prevent this phenomenon.