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World Elephant Day

The 12 of August is officially World Elephant Day. It was announced in the year 2012 by the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation, who was also the creators behind the movie “Back to the Forest”. It was established to draw attention to the situation of Asian and African elephants, whose populations decline dramatically each year.

We have to remember, that it is human itself who is the greatest threat to elephants. Elephants are in danger mainly because of environmental damage and poaching. Killing for ivory, skin, and meat, often also as a sport, has led to a decline in their population from several million to 700 thousand.

The WWF report indicates that the African elephant may share a similar fate to the woolly mammoth. According to scientists’ estimates, the population of African elephants has decreased by 70% compared to their number in the 1980s. The loss of African elephants can trigger a domino effect throughout the ecosystem. These animals are a giant mobile fertilizing machine that can distribute nutrients over long distances. Even their footprints play an important role in sculpting the landscape, as they are home to dragonflies and tadpoles.