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World Orangutan Day

Today, August 19 is World Orangutan Day. Its name comes from the Malay expressions orang (person) and hutan (forest), literally meaning “forest man.” The reason behind this celebration is to draw attention to the fact that the orangutans are in danger. It is worth getting involved in this event as all species are critically endangered. Orangutans are found in only two places in the world, Sumatra, and Borneo.

Their greatest threat is forest fires, cutting down trees and mining activities, which destroy their natural environment. Most of these activities are illegal. That all results in the number of orangutans getting smaller every year. While the exact numbers are unknown, one thing is certain: the number of orangutans in the wild is decreasing drastically. Calculations indicate that in Sumatra, the number of orangutans has been reduced from 12,000 in 1993 to around 6,500 today. In Borneo, it is believed that there are less than 35,000 individuals currently living. Let’s remember about the orangutans. We can always do something for them.