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World Penguin Awareness Day

On January 20th we celebrate World Penguin Awareness Day. They are extremely agile, fast, and efficient creatures. They are threatened by habitat loss, climate change, and vicious oceans. Tourism is also a relatively new threat for them. Today, all penguins are under protection and are included in the Red List of Threatened Species. 10 species are considered endangered and 4 are near threat.

On the occasion of World Penguin Awareness Day, learn some interesting facts about them:

– there are 17 species of penguins in the world,

– penguins are marine species that inhabit the cold seas of the southern hemisphere. The most numerous road around Antarctica and off the coast of South America,

– penguins can stay underwater for a dozen or so minutes, and they forage diving at a depth of 50 to 250 m. The record for diving belongs to the emperor penguin (565 m)

– these are the only birds that maintain an upright posture. On land, they walk upright or slide on their stomach, pushing off with strong, shifted fleece,

– penguins are very social individuals. They feel best in a group, eating and playing, and spending time together,

– penguins’ eyes are bigger than their brain. This makes them perfectly able to see, especially underwater, where to spend the fourth of their lives. On land by myopic, – according to researcher Ben Lascelles, the penguin population has recovered by 80% in recent years. This is due to climate change, environmental climate, climatic climate, and also because of the increasing interest in penguins by tourists,

– the world also celebrates – probably the most popular – World Penguin Day on April 25th.