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World Wetland Day

On February 2, the anniversary of the signing of the Ramsar Convention, World Wetland Day is celebrated in over 95 countries. This year under the slogan “Wetlands and Water”. This day is to emphasize the importance of these areas and make people aware of the important role that wetlands play in everyday life. The Day of the Wetlands was celebrated for the first time in 1997.

Wetlands – the border between land and water – are key ecosystems for the protection of hundreds of thousands of plant and animal species. It is also one of the most important regulators of the Earth’s climate and water circulation. Wetlands are extremely important to all nature and people. They absorb carbon dioxide, reduce the scale of floods and mitigate the effects of drought. They also play a very important role in shaping biodiversity. They are the habitat of many species of plants and animals. Despite the immense value of the wetlands for life, they are constantly destroyed and drained. Since 1700, 87% of the world’s wetlands have disappeared. On a day like this, there is a call for special efforts to protect them. How? First of all, use water sparingly, use wetlands wisely and incorporate them into development plans and resource management.